Wedding 101 - 5 Tips to Help Your Big Day Go Smoothly

In this week’s Wedding Wednesday, we’ll be giving  you 5 tips to help you day go smoothly. Be sure to read all the way through, as these 5 simple tips can be a game-changer for the flow of your day.

  1. 15 minute Buffer

In order for your day to go as smooth as possible, you need guests to be on time for all events, including yourself. To ensure that everyone is where they need to be at the correct time, create a 15 minute window ahead of the actual time that you tell guests is the real time. By doing this, no one is late; everyone is actually, “early.”

  1. Delegate

The last thing you and your fiancé need to worry about is timing, budget, details, etc. In order for you to enjoy the day to the fullest, you need as few things to worry about, as possible. In order to create this worry-free setting, have someone else be in charge of the little details the day of. Now the key thing here is to ask someone that you trust and don’t have to worry about. J If you have a wedding planner, or day-of coordinator, this will be his/her job, anyway, so no need to delegate in that instance.

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  1. Stop & Pause, Look Around & Take It In

This may seem hard at first, but from experience, we are telling you, to do this throughout the day. Stop what you’re doing, or thinking, pause, and look around. Take in everything you see, and we guarantee, you will have special memories of your wedding that no one else may have seen.

  1. Eat a Good Breakfast

Here’s a tip that seems easy enough, right, not! Most people forget to eat the morning of the wedding during the hustle and bustle of the day. Eating a good breakfast (items you’ve eaten before; this is not the day to explore in food options) will help give you energy throughout the day.

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  1. Hydrate All Day

Again, seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, not. Water is so important, everyday, of course, but especially on your wedding day. Be sure to drink water throughout the day. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll look good, and refreshed.

We hope this 5 simple tips help you on your Big Day! Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think. Also, be sure to leave any questions you might have or requests for posts you may have!

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.