Kitchen Tips Round 2

Hello again! We know how much you enjoyed the last round of kitchen tips, so we are bringing you 5 more this week!

  1. Display Salt & Pepper

Salt and Pepper are 2 ingredients that we use a great deal in cooking. Why have them hiding in the spice cabinet? Buy yourself 2 similar containers that sit on the counter and can be displayed beautifully. Having a lid is optional. This way, salt & pepper are always easy to find and easy to access.

  1. Store Small Kitchen Appliances

Why leave all your appliances on the counter if you don’t use them all day, everyday? Put these away in a designated cabinet, and pull them out when you need them. This way your kitchen looks less cluttered, and they appliances stay cleaner and in better condition.

Kitchen Tips - Lemonade with Strawberries

  1. When Life Gives You Lemons, Clean the Sink!

You might be wondering about this one…After you use a lemon, don’t just throw it away. Rinse your sink after dishes, and then rub the lemon all around the sink. When you’re finished, throw it in the garbage disposal, and give it a whirl. This helps keep your sink clean and refreshed.

  1. Got Broth?

If you’ve made a great deal of broth, take a ice cube tray and pour the leftovers in the tray. When you need a few portions, pop them out of the tray and put them in your cooking. Cover the tray with wrap to keep it from frosting.

Kitchen Tips - Rescuing Egg Shells

  1. Rescuing Egg Shells

Have you ever cracked an egg into something you’re cooking, only to see some of the shell land in the mix? It’s happened to all of us. Rather than fishing around for it with your finger, take the larger shell and into the mix right next to the floating piece, and it will come right back. The shell will go right to the bigger shell.

Hope you enjoyed this helpful kitchen tips. Let us if you use these tips and how they worked for you.

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.