Kitchen Tips - Tricks

Hello Friends! We’re going to be sharing 10 great kitchen tips to help with cooking, hosting, and party planning today! Grab a snack, and let’s get started!

1. Got Beef?

If you’re cooking any sort of beef, be sure to take it out at least 1 hour before you’re cooking it. Cold beef doesn’t cook evenly unless it’s settled at room temperature. Also, after you cook it, give it some time before cutting or carving it, as it is still cooking!

Grilling Burgers, Sausages and Hot Dogs

2. Where is the Chicken?

Anytime you are storing chicken in the refrigerator, be sure to store it on the bottom shelf. This is done in order to keep any contamination from dripping or spills from affecting other items in the fridge.

3. Is it hot?

If you’re putting something in the fridge, be sure to put it in after it has hit room-temperature, at least. If you put in something hot, it affects the temperature of the refrigerator which can cause issues for other foods you have stored in there.

4. Using Eggs?

Are you about to use some room-temperature butter in that delicious recipe you’re about to bake? If so, make sure your eggs are at room-temperature too.

Egg Kitchen Tips

5. Why so Greasy?

You know that lovely, greasy residue that stays on pots and pans after a meal? No matter how much you scrub, it feels like it won’t go away. Before adding water, take some soap, and give that pan a nice massage with the soap, and you’ll see all the residue break away. You’re welcome.

6. You Burned it?

Don’t fret! It happens to everyone. You burned an ingredient and now it’s caked onto the pan. Grab some baking soda, sprinkle it all around the affected area, and add hot water. Give it some time to soak, about 3-5 minutes, (more if it’s bad), and scrub it away.

7. Who stunk up the Microwave?

As wonderful as the convenience of a microwave is, cleaning it can be bothersome at times. Nope! Not anymore! Grab half a lemon, pop it in the microwave, and give it a 30 second spin. Open the microwave, remove the lemon, enjoy the lemony scent, grab a paper towel, and wipe all that caked-on yuckiness away. Do this at least once a week!

8. Setting a Buffet?

If you’re setting up a buffet style table and want guests to be wowed, grab a table cloth, and some containers. Arrange the containers around the table you’re using, and lay the table cloth on top, push the table cloth down in place where there is no container, and you get elevated places to put serving dishes on. This gives your table a great, upscale look. You so fancy!

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9. Grab the Shears?

Yes, grab the shears and get ready to be amazed. Those kitchen shears are always left in the dust. Bring them to life by slicing pita bread, cutting lettuce, cutting green beans to the right size for appetizers or meals, etc. Don’t let them be thought of as just regular scissors, these shears can change up the kitchen.

10. Is it Flat?

Save room in the freezer by freezing what you can flat. After you’ve placed it in a bag, lay it on the kitchen counter so it can flatten out, and place it in the freezer this way. By doing this, you ensure even freezing, and room saved in the freezer.

We hope you enjoyed this post and learned a few new trips to encourage you in the kitchen. Let us know which was your favorite tip, and any questions you might have.

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.