Planning a Wedding – Setting A Budget

Congratulations! You are engaged.

Oh the joy and bliss of newly engaged couples. The excitement that surrounds you, the prospect of the future that fills you and the anticipation of the beautiful fun that comes next, are all great until the reality of planning a wedding hits you.While most people get nervous and anxious at the thought of planning a wedding, we’re here to give you a few tips and tricks along the way. From picking a date to selecting food, we’ve got you covered.

First things first, how much money do you want to spend? While it would be nice to have an endless budget and be able to do the most extravagant things, that’s just not realistic. Here you’ll find a few key tips to decide on your budget. Get your pen and paper, I’ve got some good information coming your way!

  1. Who’s paying for the wedding? - If it’s you and your partner, you both need to sit down and determine what you’re comfortable spending. This means you have some hard conversations about budget and spending that are also helpful for planning your future. Keep in mind, this is one day, and cost can escalate quickly.
  2. What is your ideal, but realistic venue? - By figuring out where you want to host your wedding, you can determine what costs are built in to venue pricing. If you are choosing a venue unlike a hotel, and need to bring in décor and caterers, choose a venue that gives you the ambiance that you desire.

Budgeting a Wedding Venue

  1. Who are you inviting? - Here’s a key tip on this one: if you’re on the fence about inviting a person, ask yourself if you’ll regret not inviting them years later. This helps you simplify your guest list. Also, consider guests that have been through the progression and growth of your relationship; those are the people that you want surrounding you on your special day.
  2. What are things you can’t miss out on having on your wedding day? - Ask yourself what are things that you have to have on your BIG day and set aside a budget for those things. For example, if you HAVE to have an ice sculpture, set that money to the side. This brings me to my next and final point.
  3. Who do I call first? - Start making lists of 3-5 vendors for each part of the wedding. For example, using the ice sculpture scenario, look up reputable vendors for this and call around. Keep a list of the vendor, their pricing and their reviews, then pick the one that’s best for you!

Wedding Rings with roses and pearls

See, it’s not so bad. Of course, we here at Creative Catering & Events can help you with all of this. So feel free to reach out, and one of our catering consultants can help you plan your BIG day!

Eat Well. Live Well. Be Well.