Wedding 101- Creating A Timeline for the Big Day

Your Big Day is going to be a beautiful day, and a key piece that will make it run smoothly, is a clear and detailed timeline that creates the perfect day with everyone part of the schedule.

As you work hard to choose vendors, create the perfect theme, get your dress, write your vows, etc. be sure to stop and design a timeline that helps keep everyone on track. If you have a wedding planner, he/she will help you create this, and sometimes, your photographer should be the person who does this since he/she has to stay on track for pictures. In the event that you have to create this, we’re sharing some tips to help you do so.

  1. Start Early

When you create your timeline, be sure to be realistic about how early you have to start. We recommend creating a hair and make-up list for the morning. Most hair/make-up artists are going to recommend 45 minutes for the maids, and a little more than an hour for the bride. The bride should be last in getting these things done, but early enough to have time to get into her dress. The earlier you start, the better you will feel as the day progresses.

  1. Factor in Travel Time

Often times people forget to include travel time from place to place. Be sure to include a few extra minutes on each trip to plan for traffic.

Wedding 101 - Create A Timeline - Table Setting

  1. Consider Having a First Look

A first look is exactly that. You and your partner see one another before the wedding, except that a photographer is there to capture it. It is an incredibly beautiful moment and makes amazing pictures that are worth having. If you choose to have this moment, be sure to factor in about 30 minutes for this.

  1. Receiving Line

If you are choosing to have a receiving line after the ceremony for your guests to congratulate and greet you, be sure to add about 40 minutes in your timeline for this. By doing this after the ceremony, there’s less stress to do this during the ceremony. If you don’t have a receiving line, make sure you pick a “hiding place” to retreat to after the ceremony for you and your bridal party to go to afterwards so guests don’t think they need to line up for a receiving line.

Wedding 101 - Create a Timeline - Purple Table

  1. Fake Time

We all have them, know them, may be them-chronically late people. To help solve this problem, especially if they are part of the wedding, be sure to give them a “fake time.” For example, if you have to be done and ready to head to the ceremony space by 2:30, tell this person the real time is 1:55. This way you’re not stressing about being late, and this person, even if late, won’t really be late.

We hope this 5 quick tips make a difference as you plan your timeline. Let us know which ones are the most helpful to you. If you have any questions, be sure to comment below and we will help where we can!

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