Wedding Organization

In today’s post we’ll give you 4 tips to help wedding planning be an enjoyable experience through organization!

So, you’ve set a budget, selected a venue, decided on a date, and now comes the fun stuff. However, in order for your wedding planning to feel fun, relaxing, and enjoyable, you’ve got to get organized. Today, we’re sharing some tips to help you get organized for your special day!

Wedding Planner or Day-of-Coordinator

An important tool to have in planning a wedding is a wedding planner.

A wedding planner takes the burden off of you and really works to create the day of your dreams, with your desires in mind. A wedding planner will go to appointments with you, help get you in contact with vendors, and will be there every step of the way.

While a wedding planner is wonderful, some people love planning or simply can’t afford one, so there’s also an option of a Day-Of-Coordinator.

A Day-Of-Coordinator works with you about 1 month prior to the wedding to help solidify and manage the BIG day. He/She will contact all vendors, meet them, and be the main point-of-contact on your wedding day so that you’re not being bothered with a million questions. A Day-Of-Coordinator makes sure the day goes smoothly and works the entire night to make sure that everything you worked so hard on, goes on without any problems.

If this doesn’t sound like it will work for you, number 2 will be a great help.

Wedding Planner - Organization

Getting a Binder

Lots of brides plan their own weddings and a great tool that we’ve seen many use is a binder to organize all of their materials in. This is a great idea and will prove to be extremely helpful, if maintained throughout the process.

You can find these online, both free and for purchase. You can create your own, or just work off a template.

A few pointers to remember here: keep your budget at the very front of the binder so you can always refer to it and work off of it; keep an envelope or slot for all receipts, and contracts signed; and finally, have a notebook or paper available to note-take when you meet with vendors, this way you always can refer back to things they mention.

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Create a Guest List

Creating a guest list early on really helps you stick to your budget.

A key question to ask yourself when you’re on the fence about inviting someone, “will I be sad/disappointed/bummed/regretful, in 1,5,10,etc years from now if this person is not at my wedding?” Asking yourself this question helps narrow down the list and keeps your wedding intimate.

Some weddings have to be big because of cultural, religious, etc. reasons, if that’s the case, just be sure that you still have a budget to work with.

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Wedding planning can be hard, and time-consuming. One huge tip that can change the vibe you’re feeling when planning if it’s getting kind of rough, is to have check-in meetings with your partner.

Chatting with your partner about the budget, how far you’ve gotten, what’s done, and still needs to be done, etc. will really help keep you both on the same page and grounded during this time. Be sure to do it privately somewhere you both enjoy and that brings you joy.

For example, have a picnic at the beach, and have these check-in meetings every few weeks to keep you both on the same team. Key advice to add to this, is make sure you always remember that the 2 of you are at the center of this marriage, and after the wedding, it will still be the 2 of you, so don’t let the days stressors diminish your special bond.

How far are in you planning your wedding? Have any questions? Please comment below, and we will respond with what we can to help!

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